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Booking Your Inflatable for Delivery
   Fill in quick form and click Submit.  Your information goes directly to our email.
You can also email any questions you may have to TheHouseofBounce@yahoo.com  or call 301 876-1707 
 If you need to Cancel your rental because of Bad weather please call or Text morning of your rental or before.  
Once we have confirmed all information needed by email we will add you to delivery schedule and reserve your rental items.
 When you recieve agreement please read and email any corrections needed. 
All items being delivered are listed on Agreement with delivery time.
If you see an item you requested is not on Agreement please email missed items. 
At delivery we will drop Inflatables off the back of truck or trailer on the area you have chosen.
Choose an area where your Inflated Bounce Unit has 2ft. open space on each side. If rental has to be rolled into yard because of fencing, up or down a hill etc. please add this information to form so we can load the correct equipment. 
Have payment ready on delivery so rental items can be unloaded quickly. 
Customer Pick Up  
Customers usually only pick up or bring back when our delivery schedule is filled or we are unable to deliver or pick up when renter would prefer. Customer can pick up & bring back from 8am til 8PM.
-All Bounce House rentals require a Flat, Level, Open location free from objects such as 
Rocks, Sticks & Animal droppings.   Please Remove Dog Feces from set up location. 
Try not to mow grass up to 3 days before rental day. 
The cut grass is transferred into Inflatable's making a big mess staining Kids Clothes and Inflatable.
-Anchoring required at all time for Inflatable's & Canopys on grass and hard surfaces with ground stakes or sand bags.  
 - Units require constant electrical power and must be within 100'ft. of a standard  outlet.  

You will receive an email containing Release of Liability Form week of your event.
We will bring 2 copies at delivery. One you will keep & one you will sign for our records.  
If you do not receive it within 2 days of your event please call or email.

Pick Up
  Please remove all debris from inside bouncers (Leaves, grass Etc.)  before pick up 
 Call text or have a set time for House of Bounce employee(s) to pick up.

 If we need to deliver at 9am and can not pick up until 8pm or next day you do not pay extra for hours.

Delivery begins 9am. Pick up by 9PM for Inside rentals.
 Outside rentals will be picked up 1hr before dark unless you have adequate lighting 
If you need inflatable's earlier then 9am or later than 8PM add this information in your email 

-Inflatable's can not be placed under Utility wire's or trees.
It is not safe to set up near pools.    

-If winds exceed 25mph all riders must exit the unit.
 Turn blower switch off to deflate unit.
Inflate when wind reaches under 25mph 

 -Adult supervision is required at all times.
Children must never be left alone.

-Children in Bounce Houses should be of the same size and age group. 
Divide kids by age and size.
Give groups their own time to Bounce.
-Remove Shoes, glasses & any metal or sharp objects before entering Unit's. 

Please Keep - all sharp objects from entering Inflatable's.

Pets, Especially dogs need to be secured in another area away from bounce. 
Dogs are curious and want to join the fun making it hard to keep them out.  
Puppy Paws cause little holes that turn into large holes.  Dogs like to Mark there territory by doing there business on Inflatables and Blowers. This can discolor units and burn blowers up. 
Please No Smoking or Barbeque near Inflatable's. 
There is a cleaning fee up to $150. per unit if used in Bouncers
Thank You The House of Bounce Team

        Contact No: 301 876-1707

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